Search Engine Optimization

SEO Explained – the never ending war for site ranking

Search engine optimization determines how well your website ranks on search engines like Google. Let us say it bluntly… SEO it is an ongoing war for eyeballs that is never ending.

Google has 92% market share of all searches — in the world.

Your company and every other business you compete with wants to get the best ranking they can on Google. The top five listed sites on Google get the vast majority of traffic, and that means they get the lion’s share of business, even if their products or pricing aren’t as good as yours.

Your beautiful website graphics don’t matter to ranking.

As of October 2021, Google has over 200 ranking factors. How pretty your site is, isn’t one of them. The time and money spent making your site “pretty” is worthless, if no one sees it.

The reason that search engine providers like Google continually make changes to their algorithms and ranking criteria is to make site ranking more fair.  This can make your natural listing results lower.  Moreover, the ranking process changes over time. You have to keep on top of SEO changes to ensure your site will continue to rank well.

What can you do? Thankfully there are many good tools to help us stay at the top of the ranking battle. Applications like SEMrush and MOZ help us uncover errors and identify the issues that are keeping your site from ranking. These diagnostic tools combined with our experience give your site the best chance to naturally rise in Google rankings without the need for expensive ads.

Remember, search engine optimization is an ongoing battle. Your site may have been built before the current ranking criteria was enacted or it may be missing some piece of the 200 possible ranking factors that search engines use to determine a site’s popularity. Regardless of your current ranking, you need a monthly, if not weekly, SEO report to keep your site at the top.  Get in touch with our team at Mach One Marketing today to learn how our SEO services can take your business to the next level.