Website Design

Our approach to website design consists of 3 primary fundamental elements that all successful websites contain: search engine optimization, compelling content and good design & navigation.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization determines how well your website ranks on search engines like Google. As Google has approximately 92% of world marketshare its critical you get this part right.

The technical aspects aside – SEO or search engine optimization is the most critical part of the foundational elements and probably the most overlooked tool by small business sites. If you struggle to see your site ranking on Google, SEO may well be the culprit.


Compelling content is the second on our list and perhaps the most challenging for many businesses. Owners involved in the day-to-day operations of their companies find it difficult to  succinctly and logically define their business in a way that is suited for a website. It’s a “missing the forest for the trees” problem because many owners don’t know where to start.

Our approach to help you solve this problem is to meet and work with your team to understand your goals and put those goals into actionable elements on your site. Moreover, our social media team will continually help you leverage your web content to deliver more powerful social media content as well.

Graphic design & navigation

Graphic design and navigation are typically at the top of the list requirements for business owners. They are important; without good looking sites with logical, intuitive navigation, your site will be ignored by your audience. Perhaps worse your branding will suffer with bad reviews potentially long after the issues have been fixed.

You need a design team that has experience turning your vision into a working, money producing, marketing platform. Our team of designers has the talent and the experience to help you integrate your branding and messaging into a great looking site that performs as your marketing base to drive new customers to your business.

It’s hard to imagine that the web, as a mainstream medium, has been in our lives for over 25 years. Much longer if you consider bulletin boards and early dial-up sites.  Over that time a lot has changed. Devices have moved from desktop to mobile. Early leaders like Yahoo, CompuServe and AOL are mostly gone now. The “World Wide Web” is faster than ever now. The stuff you knew is different.

Industry change continues at an accelerating rate. With promises of augmented reality and the expansion of new social services like tictok and others, these changes will impact your business and your marketing strategies.

What wont change, and what we have learned over these many years of new technology introductions, is that there are three disciplines of web design that remain dominate. If your site lacks even one part it’s most likely doomed to obscurity.

At Mach One Marketing, we want to help you put your best foot forward with professional web design done at mach one speed. Get in touch today to see how we can help you stand out in today’s world.