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Social Media marketing, get seen and grow your business

Social media marketing is the best way to share a consistent message of information and disseminate the image of your brand to future consumers.

Social media is a tool for change.

Social media marketing is perhaps the most inexpensive and powerful lead generation tool ever created. It’s caused a revolution in the business world and unless you’re using it properly you’re missing out a huge opportunity. The internet revolution has caused a number of paradigm shifts in the last 20 years. Whole industries have changed as a result of our new, always on, always available, connectedness.

Put on some new tires with social media.

Google Ads and search engine optimization have been a significant part of the shift. The search giant effectively leveled the playing field allowing small business to compete against much larger companies in the advertising space for the first time in history. But, over time, search strategies have shown to have significant limits.

Social media puts you in the fast lane.

Namely, that unless you master on-page SEO you’re stuck with paying for Google Ads. This is Google’s approach, by design, and it’s intended to make your business ranking difficult (see our SEO page). Thus, the competition for list ranking and Ads is furious and can skyrocket the price of marketing your business. Depending on your industry, Google Ads campaigns are as expensive as television.

Put Mach One Marketing on your pit crew for social media.

For many years there was no effective alternative. However, with the fruition of social media companies and platforms that has changed. Now, your business can target market to people that aren’t just searching for the best key word or the lowest price. You have affordable options.

Discover the Power of Social Media Marketing


Social media reaches about 80% of Americans every day.

That’s about 265 million people. By comparison, the last Super Bowl was seen by about 100 million people.


Social media allows you to target groups (not just people) searching for a word.

By giving you the power to reach large groups of people with similar demographics and interests, your local business can target individuals based on a huge number of criteria not available in Google Ads. The choices are vast. You can market your business by age, income, sex, interest, geography, hobbies, occupation, and more. You reach new customers, not just the people already searching.

Moreover the content options available to your are rich. Your content can be images, video, text, stories or any combination of these to deliver your message in a way that’s far more competitive than just words in a list.


It's really affordable.

This speaks for itself, but consider. Depending on your industry’s competition listing your company’s site in a a search result could be, conservatively, as high as 50.00 dollars a click. Those click include everyone. Even people just randomly looking for the lowest price… For many small businesses this is just too high a cost to pay.

Social media campaigns much more affordable. Often they are an order of magnitude less expensive. For instance, depending on the geography and demographics – the same 50.00 spent on Ads can generate not just one click, but many, many, more leads for you business.

One more reason – the content
The cost savings of social media marketing don’t end there. Social media campaigns brand your company and generate interest from new buyers who never knew they needed your product or service. That’s because social media content acts like a virtual commercial that showcases your business in a ways that search services don’t.

Think about it this way. You can use a few limited Ads to describe your business or you can can use video, pictures and text to tell your whole story.

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How do I get started?

Getting started is the easy part. Mach One Marketing has years of experience and a talented team. We work with you to help you define the right market and message that builds your social media presence into a real revenue generating platform that drive’s new customers to your door. Just give us a call at 336-582-6140 or send us a message through our contact form to get started.