Austin Moody

Founder & CEO

In 2014, Austin began work at a local marketing office within his hometown of Winston Salem in North Carolina as its Marketing Coordinator and quickly found that he enjoyed the work he did for his clients. However, in early 2016 he went to the owner of that company with a suggestion; take on smaller companies and even a few startups as clients since that is where our economies real growth is. Ultimately the owner did not go with Austin’s suggestion. So, in order to provide smaller companies with the same marketing opportunities as their larger competitors, Austin stepped away from that company, and in 2016 launched a digital marketing agency called NC Corporate Solutions. Austin began to work with small businesses like restaurants, real estate professionals among others. Despite the challenges he faced on a daily basis, he loved the work he was doing and couldn’t believe the company was actually growing year after year. However, in 2020, Austin wanted to do more. He felt like with some added creativity, the company could offer even more to its clients . He decided to rebrand the agency and named it Mach One. Today, Austin’s dream comes true everyday, as Mach One Marketing provides marketing solutions to companies all over the United States. Austin’s long term goal is to provide small businesses with the same marketing solutions, support, and quality of marketing as the larger companies have in todays time.